Underworld Lore | Stheno's Immaculate Borgesian Metadungeon


-Circles above a door represent the d6 rooms this door will open to. Each room needs its own description (see below).

-The dotted lines show relationships to other doors. There is an 80% chance that the Door of ulfire-veined black marble will be found in any of the a rooms. There is also a 30% chance that the Door that smells of hot tears will be in any a room too.

This is a BORGESIAN dungeon in the sense that normal physics and spacial relationships do not necessarily apply. Also there is the suggestion of infinite variation -- the metadungeon can keep on growing forever. 

All rooms are IMMACULATE in the sense that they are unreasonably clean and seemingly timeless. Anything filthy or nasty is always contained within something. There is no graffiti. 

MONSTERS are chimerical and not necessarily biologically feasible.

Scattered throughout the metadungeon are THREE ARTIFACTS that were once possessions of Stheno. They are perilous.

Pick a room designation (1a, 1b, 2c, etc.) and post a description for it in the comments here.

6a. The Hall of the Headless -- A 50' long gallery featuring a series of taxidermic displays. 2d6 large beasts, perfectly preserved in every way aside from their lack of heads stand like sentinels along the walls. The beasts will become animated and attempt to hurl themselves at any N/PC who touches the ornate silver collars around their necks. 


Undead Mermaids

On the Abraxial

An abraxial monarch is a deity that has -- usually through deception and treachery -- attained preeminence among those gods who maintain handholds within a given world. An abraxial has privileged access to its domain-plane's hexessence. It judges all disputes between local powers and may snuff out the lives of any half-mortal demigods that displease it without fear of reprisal.


Religious Temperance as a quantified NPC descriptor

Religious Temperance (RT) measures a character's interest and involvement in a Religious Institution -- be it a small congregation dedicated to a particular deity or set of concepts, a worldwide cult, or a primitive folk-faith.

Measuring RT:

  1. Non-religious and disinterested
  2. Nominal affiliation with a Religious Institution
  3. Regular practitioner w/in a Religious Institution
  4. Avid membership and involvement w/in a Religious Institution
  5. Devoted functionary occupying post w/in a Religious Institution
  6. Zealot; possibly a priest or holy warrior

Each deity has its own requirements of its clerics or priests. For instance -- a jealous god would demand at least avid membership [RT: 4 to 6] from those who pray to it for spells. A more laid back kind of deity would be more liberal with its magic -- maybe even a guy with nominal affiliation could receive a boon now and then.

RT also indicates the likelihood that a character will succumb to certain Social Manias. Check the character's RT score with a d6 roll to determine whether he/she falls under the Mania's sway.

Example Manias:

Witch Hunt: The character's Institution is out for blood and targets its collective hate at a particular person(s), place(s) or thing(s). The character must roll greater than or equal to his/her RT on a d6 or be compelled to participate.

Weird Festival: The character's Institution is observing an important holy day with an ostentatious celebration, typically held outdoors. The character must roll greater than or equal to his/her RT on a d6 or be compelled to participate.

Ritual Sacrifice: The character's Institution is performing a sacrosanct murder and demands that all members attend and bear witness. The character must roll greater than or equal to his/her RT on a d6 or be compelled to participate.