Monty Mail Call: Barrowmaze II etc.

Stefan Poag cover art!
I've decided that the next campaign will be a Barrowmaze-centric endeavor set in Hexmoor. Needless to say, several Petty Gods and their minions will be in attendance (or at least tangentially involved in the goings-on).

Barrowmaze II is about twice as thick as its predecessor and gives me confidence that RPGNow can produce the sort of quality hardbacks I'm interested in creating. Content-wise I am very pleased as well. There is some overlap with the Barrowmaze I -- in the New Monsters section, for instance -- but this seems to be done purely for the convenience of the DM. Greg Gillespie again shows that he's incapable of making boring dungeons. Barrowmaze is starting to look like some kind of Eden for undead types. It's enough to make even the most blowhard paladin make the brownies in his chainmail underpants. I will give a thorough blow-by-blow when we sit down to run this puppy. 

Also this:

Got a decent reading copy of Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus and also scored Part I of Hodgson's Night Land. Found Part II years ago at a used bookstore. The Adult Fantasy collection is coming along nicely.

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