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The dirty wizard

So my Halloween costume concept this year is "dirty wizard" -- a lot of people seem to be interpreting that as "pervy wizard", which is not really the same thing (though I suppose he could be a "pervy dirty wizard"). What I actually have in mind is a kind of sorcerer-hobo. A drifter with a grimy, pest-infested beard, a magic amulet (made by my bff sekhmet ), an old tarot card in his pocket (the Tower), maybe a cloak -- though I'm leaning more toward some patchy dress pants and a tattered vest. 



Community Project: D20 Drafts on tap at the Sign of the Wrinkled Tit

What can I tell you about the Wrinkled Tit? It's in a sleazy section of town. Not close enough to the whore houses to be interesting, and not far enough from the shadowy Foreign Temple district for comfort. Only the hardcore losers, snuff-peddlers and out-of-work roughs come here -- which is how they like it. The Teat (as it is often called) is owned by Fultch Blestow, slum-lord extraordinaire and general social parasite. Its list of barkeeps is sordid and lengthy, going back several hundred years and featuring an astonishing number of miscreants, blackmail artists and petty dealers in contraband. What's even more surprising is the array of intoxicants on tap.


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Music & Beer

Just 'cus.


Mathuesdalc [LG&C]

MATHUESDALC [MAH-thooz-DAK]: Sub-territory of the Northernmost Hold, property of the realm of Soddimis [an ancient power of the South]. Settled by the celibate witches who served the Hidden Mother during the Third Aeon. Later conquered by the forces of the Faceless Prince of Soddimis [in keeping with ancient tradition, only his back can be seen in the red woodcut]. This victory came shortly after the warband's mediocre campaign against the aboriginal tribes who live just south of the Northernmost Hold, in the primeval and densely-forested crevasse called THE BOTTOMLESS CHUNT.

Gubernatorial control of the sub-territory -- a highly prized possession due to its rich deposits of magnetic ore -- fell to the Faceless Prince's cousins, the Black Counts of Cweloggia[1]. The choice was purely diplomatic rather than well-reasoned, for the Counts were known for their periodic fits of madness. It is a poor quality for rulers to possess -- though it should be noted that as artists the Cweloggian lords were quite accomplished. Each was morbidly obsessed with laws and the esoteric art of law-making, and each had his own ideas as to what constituted a just law.

SEVEN PAGAN PRINCES OF THE SOUTH:  Recognized rulers of the elder realms of Soddimis, Godsland, Tantamore, Iblix, Magynis, Opoth and the Lonely Isles. 
  • The Faceless Prince of Soddimis and the Horned Lord of Iblix are practicing karcists.
  • The Patriarch of Magynis serves the Mother Mormo, god-queen of witches. 
  • The Immortal Princes of Opoth and Tantamore are sons of the Olden King.
  • The Rookmaster of the Lonely Isles is said to drink blood and cat's milk.
  • The throne of Godsland is disputed by the Sun Prince and his elder sister, Llel of Magynis.


Community Project: An Ersatz Mythos of Weird Gods for the OSR

I have a thing for ersatz mythologies, from Lord Dunsany's interconnected fables -- to Tolkien's complex milieu of nature spirits -- to the still-growing Cthulhu Mythos -- and on and on. There is something both chess-like and clockwork about the inter-workings of a coherent pantheon. As the pieces move, new narratives take shape. 

Considering how well our community projects have been going thus far I thought it might be interesting to find out how the OSR talents that frequent this blog would tackle a rogues gallery of weird deities. Something in the vein of Judges Guild's Unknown Gods and the OSR community project Petty Gods, devoted to a particular flavor of divine powers.

  • Think MALTHEISTIC gods. Gods who are feared and loathed but still looked to for... something. Protection in some cases, succor, even a degree of mercy. Or perhaps stranger and less savory things.
  • Each of these gods should be able to assume material forms that reflect their deep cravings and obsessions.
  • Each should be interested in particular sorts of offerings and sacrifices.
  • Some might have cohorts or consorts.
  • Only a name, an alignment, a description and a general concept are really necessary at this point. Not all gods will be understood in the same manner or to the same degree. 
  • If you feel there is some connection with another of the gods on the list, point it out in your description. Confabulate!
  • This is intended to be a pretty loose style guide, so by all means let your imaginations run rampant.
* * *

  • Melejzedik, the Constant Wanderer. Melejzedik eternally roams the world: no place is unvisited by him and no place in this world or the next is his home; nowhere is he welcome, but nowhere may refuse him entry. In our world Melejzedik manifests as a tall, thin old man with wild hair and beard, dressed for walking and with a haunted look to his eyes. When he visits, he does not speak and he does not stay long, but he will take with him some thing or someone when he leaves, and he is often called upon for just such a purpose. But only Melejzedik's wandering is eternal - his wandering companions ultimately return, albeit changed by the experience. [PCB]
  • Dehu-uggontha, the God of Septic & Sewers. CE. This god of septic matters manifests as a 40 foot tower of offal. The god is surrounded by a choking cloud of stench & 1d20 giant flies. There are the undigested souls of those taken by this god struggling within it. It may choose to speak through these souls at any time & often asks many questions of those who called it. The creature knows of the many treasures found within the sewers, pits, outhouses, etc. of monsters, kings, fools & worse. It may with the sacrifice of something of great value reveal one of those lost treasures with a Charisma roll. The god itself often is called to take away the filth of a community & will add that waste to its bulk adding 1d10 pounds of hit points. The curse of Dehu-uggontha may manifest as an offal cloud which will hang around its target until the offender makes amends. The more serious version of this curse causes the person to cry offal from his eyes. The curse will manifest during the most  inappropriate times at social gatherings. It causes a loss of -4 on Charisma when it manifests. At least 200 gold pieces must be buried at a shrine of this god for it to hear a person's plea repentance. Many demi humans call this god Father Offal & burn candles in its name made from goat dung. The children of this god are pudding created from blessed offal in its temples & can be summoned as guardian creatures. [Needles]
  • Churfaz, the Maggot-King. CE. Churfaz's manifestations usually take place in wells and cisterns. It erupts as a mass of grave worms and filth that corrupts the very source of the water (at least until the deity's curse is removed). After several days the maggots that constitute Churfaz will begin to hatch and become a cloud of stinging flies. The buzzing of these flies becomes the very voice of Churfaz, who will immediately begin to issue strange commands and requests. Churfaz craves dead meat, and it must be placated to prevent  its spread. It chooses its servants among the malformed and the outcast. Each of these annointed bear its mark -- a rosy, inflamed cyst on their scalps. [Gorgonmilk]
  • The Flaw. LE. God of murder. The Flaw may be summoned by speaking certain words in a pitch black room or cave. He always comes when summoned, though the only evidence of his presence is a flush of the cheeks, cold breath and whispers in the ear. If summoned he will answer any questions about any murder ever committed, but before he leaves he will whisper the name of someone the summoner must kill.(treat as Geas). Anyone who tries to look upon The Flaw with infravision will briefly see a frail old man before collapsing in throbbing pain and for days will see pools of blood welling up on every surface they look upon. [Lum]
  • Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound. CG. Ywehbobbobhewy's manifestions occur in churning or disturbed waters, fragments of shattered mirrors, and deep thoughts that should not be thought. He appears as a pulsing mass of a thousand-eyed fleshy, clawed, tentacle-like appendages and grinning toothy mouths cackling with maniacal laughter. Ywehbobbobhewy is most pleased with offering of thoughtless thoughts and good intentions, but savors the flesh of priests of Churfaz the Maggot-King as the most delectable of offerings. Ywehbobbobhewy's servants come from the most learned of the learned ranks: those who have glimpsed the divine without divine assistance and have been driven mad by what they have glimpsed. Sociopaths and/or academics, in other words. The Dark Moon festival is held in Ywehbobbobhewy's honor every fourteenth year. Although outlawed in many kingdoms and empires, in rural villages the rites of male virgin sacrifice and blood debauchery are practiced on this darkest of nights. It is said that only on this night will Ywehbobbobhewy himself assume human form and walk among his worshippers, most often appearing as a one-eyed, lute-playing hunchbacked midget accompanied by a two-legged bald cat which rides on his shoulders. [Matt Schmeer]
  • Urgog-Baz. NE. Urgog-Baz is the harsh summer god of the sun and drought. He is pictured as giant red eagle with the head of lion. He nifests as a nearly unstoppable wildfire in a forest or on the plains. Urgog-Baz's mark (it could interpretted as a blessing or a curse depending on who is asked) takes the form of hideous and highly visible burn scar. The scar is not debilitating or maiming. The blessing comes in the form of a seemingly mundane fire at moment of enlightenment that cause the marked to make life-changing descision. Urgog-Baz enjoys offerings of anything living or dead that can be consumed by fire. Larger and sentient offerings are perfered. He does not speak, he only sends symbols in the form of something burning down. His name is also invoked to protect against monsters that come out at night, such as vampires and werewolves, and the undead. [Nate]
  • Aghalza. CE. Minor goddess of the northern steppes, placated by fearful nomads. She manifests as a stealthy shadow or smoke with lambent cat's eyes the size of gold coins. In her presence, frost will form on damp metal or glass. Her mark is bestowed on the favoured during nightmares, a three-tined scratch on the chest. She is sudden death to the young (babies, calves or ponies) and feasts on those lost. She is invoked to harm enemies and wards against thieves, gypsies and the fey. Those few who worship her use icicles as ritual daggers and make blood offerings. Where there is permanent snow, she is invoked all year. In warmer lands, she is invoked between autumnal equinox and spring equinox – to invoke her in warm lands outside of these times will incur her wrath. This usually takes the form of an encounter with a manticore. [satyre]
  • Seppophis the Huntress, Mistress of Snares and Entanglements. NE. Usually depicted with the body of a nubile dancing girl holding aloft a length of rope and a dripping, barbed javelin. In place of her head is a mass of long spider's legs, extending in an irregular nimbus past her shoulders. She is the patroness of all who earn their living by pursuit and evasion, by enticement and sudden surprises. Thieves and other scofflaws on the run attempt to propitiate her with substitute sacrifices (she is believed to be partial to trapped, but uninjured flies) while watchmen, bounty-hunters and and frustrated revengers hope to secure her blessing as they pursue their quarry. Brigands and pirates offer prayers and sacrifices for wealthy, unguarded victims. Prostitutes, jewelers, and perfumers give her reverence, as do all manner of mountebanks and swindlers. Every year, in Galbaruc, an elaborate ceremony takes place on the Street of Crushed Petals in which a fantastically costumed and masked troupe of stolid, upright citizens and officials representing Law square off against their opposite number, representing Chaos. Through a series of competitive dances, recitations, songs, and feats of strength and cunning, two opposing champions are chosen -- suitors to the goddess, and these are led in a winding parade to the outskirts of the city, to the cave believed to be the entrance to Seppophis' lair. Both champions enter the cave, though only one will emerge in the morning, maddened and screaming. The other has been taken as the Consort of Seppophis, and is never seen again. His faction will enjoy a bonus to all activities relating to their trade for the remainder of the year. When Seppophis deigns to take human form, it is either in the guise of a slim, dark-haired girl, smelling faintly of cloves and cinnamon, or of a gaunt, silver-haired matriarch of no known family line. She is attracted to scenes of intrigue and hopeless entrapment. [Jeremy Duncan]

Eldritch candies by Cryptocurium.com

Finally we can answer the question "Just what does the Necronomicon taste like anyway?" [Vanilla, apparently.]

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Jonny Quest opening, stop-motion style

Jonny Quest Opening Titles from Roger D. Evans on Vimeo.


Stanley Lau

A quick art post. Will update all community projects this evening. Thanks again to everyone involved! Your imaginations fuel Gorgonmilk's fires.


Community Project: The Manitou [LG&C]

The Manitou are a race of atavistic phantoms from a parallel material plane[1] that shun the light of day. When they make themselves visible, they take on horrifying shapes that reflect their crude, bestial intelligence [see below]. Compelled by anger, pain and the burning desire to return to their material bodies, the touch of the Manitou is the ruin of all things. It is unclear just how long these travelers spent in captivity, encysted in the Black Tunnel that connects this world with the others[2]. If the Manitou ever understood rational thought as we do, this quality has been erased by the long, lonely time[3] in the Tunnel where fire will not burn and light will not dwell. It is sometimes told that the Manitou eventually  reached this plane through happenstance, riding like fleas on the backs of Sammath Darzu and its daemonic cohorts.

The first mortal to be wholly possessed by the Manitou was a willing vessel known in folklore as the Smiling Man. Through him the phantoms found a means to enter the bodies of other men and women, spreading like a pox among beggars, peddlers and drifters who venture too far beyond the rune-stitched borders of the Southern Kingdoms. The souls of such men are quickly devoured by the psyche of the Manitou, which uses the victim's body to eat the flesh of men and beasts as well as spread its influence like a preternatural cancer.

The phantoms of the Manitou tend to "walk" with the body of a possessed victim, traveling in his/her vicinity and occasionally heralding his/her arrival. Sometimes several of them will wear the mortal body at the same time -- or pass it like a mask among themselves. Wearing flesh is preferable to them, for they are weary of bodilessness. 

Karcists theorize that the Manitou have lost their sense of purpose. Their spiritual lust for flesh has been distorted into a physical gluttony that can have no satiation. To be physically alive and eating of the living is as close to a state of ecstasy as the Manitou may now attain.

When disembodied Manitou wish to be seen, they may take on any of the following forms:
  • A small eight-legged goat with twenty-three horns.[Matt Schmeer]
  • A lost waif with eyes entirely black, but which see perfectly. Often wear a floppy hat or a scarf wound tightly about the head to hide their eyes. [ancientvaults]
  • A tattered black moth that leaves a greasy soot mark where it lands. It will immediately crumble to ash if touched. [Nemo235]
  • The decomposing remains of 2d6 children turned inside out and walking backwards. Looking at the world through unblinking eyes, the fleshless shapes snap & fight among themselves. Contact with them causes the body to sway & jerk a bit as if caught in an unseen wind for 1d6 turns. By the time you catch sight of them it's too late. [Needles]
  • A patchwork man or woman made up of "echoes" of beings that this manitou has possessed. From a distance they may appear normal. As one gets closer one notices clothes and wares of different eras mashed together. When the manitou turns around the horror begins as flesh bubbles and changes as faces ripple over the manitou like water flows in a river. [Mike David Jr.]
  • A writhing mass of leeches suspended in mid-air within the thickest, foulest portion of a vaporous miasma that stains the walls rancid yellow and leaves the scent of putrid meat lingering behind it for days. [NetherWerks]
  • Clattering bones jumbled together in a random pile that shifts and rolls across the ground like a looted and defiled ossuary on parade...doomed to wander aimlessly in accursed blindness and despair...unless it were to find just a small morsel to sustain itself, to put some meat back on its bones and give it a chance at finding its way back to the world of the living, and light and love ... at least that is what it whispers and chatters through broken yellowed teeth to those unsound or foolish enough to listen to it or to give the lying pile of bones any heed. [NetherWerks]
  • A small, black, pot-bellied goat adorned with ivy-wreaths and a few small silver bells on its necklace of finger-bones...it never goes very far before it is surrounded by hungry spirits looking for a feast...and it seems to be inordinately fond of the maimed, the diseased, and the grotesque...those less well-suited to the society of their fellows. They say this creature plays a mean pipe and emits a stream of sweet (highly intoxicating) liquor from its teats, but then you'd have to have been there to know that, wouldn't you? [NetherWerks]
  • A young blind and mute girl wearing a purple skirt leading an emaciated cow which has open, dripping ulcers visible on its face and flanks. The pair will wander into camp, and the girl will produce a milking stool from beneath her skirts, sit down, and begin to milk the cow. She does not catch the milk in a pail, but allows the fluid that emerges to fall on the ground. The "milk" is a thick, inky-black substance that writhes on the ground and smokes (but does not burst into flame). Anyone touching this liquid as it twists on the ground will experience 1d6 of burning damage. Any character attempting to drink this "milk" before it hits the ground must make a Save vs. Sanity. Failure means the character removes all armor and weapons and runs away screaming gibberish for 1d6 rounds (this might attract nearby monsters, so the DM should check for wandering monsters). Should the character make a successful save while attempting to drink this liquid, the black milk of the girl/cow manitou will allow the character to go 1d8 days without rations and also allows them to heal at twice the normal rate during that time period. [Matt Schmeer]
  • A slug-like thing the size of a medium-sized dog, with a the face of a human fixed in an idiotic expression. It murmurs constantly in nonsensical whispers. He leaves a trail of black-green slime that causes plants to die and black mold to grow. [Trey]
  • A cockroach-like thing the color and luminosity of the full moon, the size of a man and bipedal. It's always behind you (standing so close you ought to be able to feel its breath on your neck) but can be glimpsed in mirrors or by others. [Trey]
  • A ghostly white ouroboros that hover-twists two feet above the ground. If it comes in contact with a character, it will swallow itself whole and disappear. [Matt Schmeer]
[1] Sometimes called Chulk.
[2] The exact number of otherworlds is uncertain. Some claim there are as many as 666, while others credit only four.
[3] Some karcists have suggested aeons.

    Conan Blotter Art




    Long Guns & Cannibals: Further Thoughts

    If James Fenimore Cooper dropped mescaline with Aldous Huxley and Robert E. Howard after reading Hiero's Journey -- well then we might be getting close to the flavor and feel of a Long Guns & Cannibals [LG&C] campaign. Part frontier horror, part head-trip to the Lovecraftian Beyond, LG&C already boasts an impressive array of character classes created by members of the OSR community. The plan here is to generate enough material to run a campaign with while leaving ample room for DM expansion and interpretation. I realize I'm sorta the default MC and instigator to this weird ballad, but I want to keep the creative process open. I'll offer suggestions and see where the collective imagination of the old school crowd takes us.

    Future LG&C-related community projects:
    • Critters of the Oddir Ondax: A monster book detailing the denizens of the old-growth wilderness located to the north-west of the Charter Settlement. We'll start it as a random encounter table.
    • Rumors heard in the Snake's Tail Tavern: An assortment of tall tales and factual information.
    • Queer Goings-On: Twenty things the local witch might be doing when he should be around to cure your cough.

      Wizard Cribs

      Community Project: A Resolution to Certain Matters [Longtoe's Miscellany]

      While it is very tempting to leave this one in the most capable hands of Chance, I have decided to follow Nemo235's suggestion and went with the #6 entry that appeared first on this blog to reflect the new Community Project Policy #1: First posted, first served. So the spot goes to Beedo of Dreams in the Lich House (which is a great name for a great blog) and his Princess Frog. To read all about it, refer to the almost-complete table, Longtoe's Miscellany.

      Almost-complete. Because we still need to generate Longtoe's 13th sale item which some folks call...

      This item initially appears as a shapeless, occasionally twitching blob of woven cloth -- not unlike a pillow stuffed with rabbit's entrails. Its hypnotically patterned surface appears to be cut from an old curtain or tapestry and is quite supple and touch-worn. Smells like cloves and old honey. After the chimera spends at least a round in the hands of its current owner it randomly assumes a shape from the list below. It will have all the properties of its assumed form except on the surface, which retains the old cloth texture and appearance. Cost: 100 gp and not a copper bit less. Roll 1d10 on the list below to determine the Stuffed Chimera's current shape:

      1. Ginger Donkey. A small donkey, that smells of ginger and if licked tastes of ginger too, which will cure nausea. The donkey can carry a load half that of a normal donkey, until it deflates and returns to its original shape, after 3d6 turns. [Simon Forster]
      2. Daddy's Little Cutie. It's an exact rag doll replica of the PC holding the chimera. Lasts for 2d6 hours. [Matt Schmeer]
      3. Tentacled Trapezohedron. An unsettling sight, about the size of an adult monkey, that will float near its master's head until it grows weary (2d6 turns) and retires to the nearest damp, dark place. [Gorgonmilk]
      4. Ultharian Sack of Cats. The chimera sags down into the form of a loose bag that seems to have something small, pitiful and mewling within it. Perhaps it is a lost kitten. Opening the bag will release (1d4) Ultharian Cats who will take a look around (make a Reaction Roll), and if left unmolested, they'll simply jump upwards and outwards, leaving the PCs holding an empty bag. [NetherWerks]
      5. Velveteen Gorgon. It's a cuddly gorgon made of velveteen. Makes a great pillow as long as you don't look at it. Will retain this shape for 1d12 hours. [Matt Schmeer]
      6. Orchitis, the Raccoon Dog. An obese, wide eyed furry critter that walks upright dragging its bloated scrotum between its legs. It wears a huge floppy hat and carries a black wine bottle. The chimera will retain this form for 1d4 hours and provides various boons to its owner including +1 to all saving throws and the use of its hat to protect against foul weather. Also, Orchitis is never surprised and it will warn of any immediate danger. A sip of its wine will result in the imbiber being incapable of speaking a lie for 1d8 hours. Rolled within the bottle is a promissory note issued by a random party for some amount of treasure that the owner of the chimera may attempt to collect upon. [The Drune]
      7. Candy Apple Grey. Although the chimera appears to morph into an inedible gray candy apple with a cloth-like surface, it's actually a Grey, an alien visitor from beyond the stars magicked into its current form by a long-deceased necromantic worshipper of Vorvadoss. If the PCs can find a way to transform the Grey back to its original shape, it will reward the party with the floorplans of a spaceship rumored to have crashed somewhere in the Barrier Peaks and the secret of non-magickal inter-planar travel. [Matt Schmeer]
      8. Teddy Bear. A small children's toy that when squeezed growls as loud as a real bear -- a useful deterrent during night-time camping trips. Will retain this shape for 2d6 hours. [Sir Timothy of Kent]
      9. Satin Web Pillow of the Dreamlands. A satin pillow made of spider webs that when used by someone to sleep immediately transports the user to the Dreamlands. The sleeper appears somewhere in the Dreamlands lying on the pillow, and can return to the real world again sleeping on the pillow. The chimera will retain this form for 2d12 hours. [Igor "Corvus Corax" Sartorato]
      10. Readjustment. The Stuffed Chimera is mostly inactive and cannot be activated for 2d6 turns. It makes very gentle sounds and some small movements, but nothing else. [rorschachhamster]
      Oh, and this is mostly directed at our Portable Document Format specialist and general Idea Man, Matt Schmeer -- to address the issue of how a PDF of our Goblin Market tables might be arranged -- I was thinking giving sub-tables their own appendices rather than trying to work them in to the main table's body of text. Does that make sense?

      That's More Like It

      We can forget that "G" thing ever happened now.

      OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

      And with apologies to the estimable Milo Manara:

      Manara's original page from Piranese: The Prison Planet...

      Ggmlk does Sexytime (with Music)

      Candice doing the kitty thing
      Who do I have to blow to get an NC-17 rating around here? I reject this "G" rating. And so does Candice Swanepoel.

      Alessandra Ambrosio doing the Bond Girl thing

      Community Project III: Twelve Weird Classes that are Complimentary

      Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I'm interested to see what you guys will come up with for the following. [And you can handle the extra workload, I'll wager.] The Goblin Market is still on, of course, and about to move into its final phase, but we'll address that in the next post. Right now I want to offer up a few steamed and lightly garnished ideas and see what sort of mind-food you turn them into. 

      I assert no ownership over what we come up with here. Creative Commons, yadda yadda. Though, with your permission, I would like to see it published in another form(s) -- i.e. pamphlets and pdfs and whatnot.

      Twelve Classes

      SETTING CONCEPT: Ersatz 19th Century on an Earth where Messianic religions never took hold. Some comparable technologies to ours -- gunpowder and firearms [muskets, long guns and rudimentary pistols are expensive but available; axes and swords are still common] as well as mechanical engineering and assembly line manufacturing. Poorly managed medieval and post-Medieval style governments the standard.
      • Instead of electricity humans use crude magnetically powered repulsor systems
      • Sometimes it rains meat and no one knows why. 
      • "Little Gods" are the haunted, mummified remains of a diminutive and extinct race of fey creatures -- some are large and embedded in trees and stone; others are small enough to carry in your pocket. Witches use them to increase the scope of their powers. They communicate telepathically.
      • The "Big Old Gods" are actually ancient travelers from other planes. While most of them remain at rest and in torpor after unknown aeons of wandering, recently one of their number has awakened. A really unpleasant one too -- called Sammath Darzu the Flesh-Labyrinth. It now roams the deepnesses of the north-eastern Oddir Ondax wilderness where its eldritch cult gathers to invoke and worship it.
      • Possession by disembodied spirits an issue. Victims are taken by manitou (hungry ghosts) and eventually become mindless cannibals constantly on the lookout for their next meal. The manitou are thought to be travelers like the Big Old Ones who became trapped between alternate Material Planes.


      • Astrolist: These seers seem lost in their own little worlds because they are. They are travelers & adventurers in the realms of further experience who gaze far too deep into the worlds around the corner. No spirit or its secrets are safe from them. Underground worlds are an extension to the elemental planes that roll through the world. Every once in awhile an astrolist will fall to the very spirits he uses. They have been known to tread into the very realms of the gods & move through the astral attracting all sorts of demons & horrors. 1d8 hit dice. Saves like a cleric. [Needles]
      • Cryptic: An advanced and frequently mistrusted telepath who can alter target memories, manufacture delusions and dominate the wills of others. The cryptic can communicate with most higher mammals (apes, wolves, cats, badgers, etc). Something of a scrapper. His abilities develop slowly. 1d8 HD. Saves like a magic-user. [Gorgonmilk]
      • Grifter: Shifty opportunists always on the lookout for easy money. They are con artists and very skilled at deception. Most of them focus on one or two talents such as forgery, impersonation, fraud, fencing stolen goods, swindling and other dishonest activities. A few are tolerated and some even regarded as folk heroes because it is said that they could hoodwink the "Little Gods" and can even elude their telepathy. 1d6 HD. Save as a Thief. [Nemo235]
      • Harvester: These hardy folk patrol the perimeters of civilization, fending off regular folk from the manitou and mindless cannibals by way of mentally controlling electro-mechanical magentic field distruptors grafted directly over their left ears at birth. Harvesters are selected before birth from among the poorest pregnant members of society and are elevated to the most celebrated caste, as they are seen as the protectors of the rest of society. They must train for at least 10 years after reaching adolescence (which usually begins around age 10 on this planet), and are required to serve in pairs or triads until death, often serving with their assigned partners for life. Many Harvesters often secretly choose to become eunuchs, as it is rumored to increase their ability to manipulate magnetic fields. 1d10 HD. Saves like a motherfuc. . .um, a cleric. [Matthew Schmeer]
      • Horizonists: Masters of all sorts of beasts of burden and travel, horizonists have an uncanny knack for controlling animals and often ride titanic beasts around. These masters of travel are excellent at navigation, finding drinking water and are both revered and feared, many being capable of fending off small gangs of bandits with the help of their animal companions. Most horizonists specialize in either controlling one titanic beast or several smaller creatures. Many horizonists take vows not to waste life unnecessarily, at least animal life. d6 hit dice, save as a druid. [ancientvaults]
      • Karcist: Adept skilled in calling, controlling and/or combating spirits such as the very dangerous Manitou. 1d6 HD. Saves like cleric. Might have limited armor/weapon use akin to a F/MU...as long as the gear is enchanted/infused. [NetherWerks]
      • Long-gunner: Marksman/woman and out-of-work trapper skilled in roughing it out in the woods. 1d10 HD. Saves like a fighter. [Gorgonmilk]
      • Mechanist: Practical savants and itinerant scholars learned in the ways of engineering and all associated mechanical arts. Combine the skills/approach of an alchemist and natural philosopher with the mechanisms of industry and a devotion to the principle of progress. Far from rejecting anything, they attempt to work with everything, including spirits and eldritch forces...sometimes with horrific results. Build machines, artifacts and tools of many types and varieties. It was a mechanist that unleashed gunpowder, automata and assembly lines upon the world. They'd have d8 HD, save as fighter. [NetherWerks]
      • x
      • Rectifier: Sometimes driven loners, but often agents of government, that seek out cannibals, rogue cryptics, and the cryptic tainted, and set them right. Only those with hardened minds survive long so they are resistant to domination. They excel in recognizing the dominated and are decent hands at close combat. 1d10 HD. Saves like a fighter. [Telecanter]
      • Revivalist: Itinerant healers who preach human self-reliance and avoidance of consorting with "malign spirits" like the Old Gods. Some believe in a higher godhead who holds all (even the Old Gods) in judgment, but this being is not seen or experienced in the world and folks are skeptical. They travel in shows and perform healing for the populace and banish evil spirits. 1d8 hit dice. Saves like a cleric. [Trey]
      • Witch: Every two-bit town has a witch or two. They're who you go to when you're hurt or when crops are looking bad. Witches can manipulate flesh and have an unnatural affinity with plants. They also brew poisons and elixirs. Roosters, snakes and scorpions often serve as witch's familiars. At least once in a witch's life he or she will wander far from home as if in search of something, sometimes for years, then return without a word about where they went or why. Witches are accepted in society and respected, though they tend to be bat shit crazy. 1d6 HD. Save as Cleric. [Lum]

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      3. Include HD and Saving Throw class-equivalent.
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